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Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG120002 & PCP040001
Newtech Recycling Inc provides a full recycling disposal service
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Computer & Electronics Disposal Service inc Printer Disposal Monitor Disposal and more
Computer Disposal and Computer RecyclingSafe-secure-stress-free disposal of obsolete Computers, Monitors, & Electronic Equipment. Click ‘more info’ for our Computer disposal and recycling program.
Printer and Photocopier Disposal for RecyclingThe Newtech Printer Recycling Service provides safe disposal of all office printers including the disposal of Photocopiers.
Computer Monitor & TV Disposal for RecyclingNewtech Computer Monitor & TV Disposal Services utilize state of the art equipment to process this material.
Disposal of Electrical Equipment for RecyclingNewtech Recycling provides a full disposal for recycling service on all electronic equipment, machinery, devices and apparatus.
Hard Drive Data WipeNewtech Recycling provides a Secure Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Sterilization service for Computers, Laptops, PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Phones & Portable Hard Drives.
Cell Phone Disposal and Cell Phone RecyclingNewtech Recycling Inc provides a disposal service for Cell Phones and all other Telephone Systems. Click 'more info' to read about our Cell Phone Recycling Program.
Office IT Hardware DisposalNewtech Recycling will collect all unwanted office electronics and Information Technology hardware from your offices and dispose of it securely in full accordance with State and EPA regulations.
If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time – CLICK HERE for more information.
Newtech Recycling only collects e-waste from business locations and does not provide a collection service from residential (home) addresses. If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time:
CLICK HERE for more info.

  Recycling Computer Monitors, Computer Screens, CRTs and TV Sets

Movie About The Recycling of Computer Monitors & TV's

Computer Screen & TV Disposal for RecyclingTake a look inside the world of Computer Monitor and Television Disposal and Recycling with this short yet informative movie clip. Watch as one of Newtech’s Recycling team separates an old TV awaiting disposal into its recyclable materials. From case to CRT disposal this short film shows you just what’s involved with environmentally safe recycling. This clip is filmed at the 55,000 square feet Newtech Recycling Disposal Facility in New Jersey. Click here to see the Newtech Monitor Disposal Team at work on your obsolete, broken or unwanted TV’s & Computer Monitors.

Computer Monitor and T.V. Disposal Process

The recycling process starts with a simple call or e-mail to our headquarters in New Jersey on (732) 564 3110 or at www.newtechrecycling.com. We will evaluate your need on the phone or through the web to determine the best method of pick-up. We will also determine the best, most cost effective and environmentally sound strategy to recycle your equipment. You control the disposition path for your material and Newtech can custom design a program that best fits your needs. Newtech Recycling covers most States in the North East with our own fleet of trucks. If you wish to dispose of a large number of computer monitors or a large object such as a photocopier; we will arrange a pickup time. If your recycling requirement is only a few computer monitors you may be on one of our affiliated business (Village Office Supply) routes, which means we will be able to schedule a pickup and return utilizing that fleet of vehicles by back-hauling. We also give you the option to drop your unwanted computer monitors and electronics of at our nearest Newtech Recycling Facility or cross dock location. If you have any questions or wish us to contact you about arranging a pickup please click here.

Computer Monitor Disposal - Collection for Recycling

Computer Monitor Disposal - Collection for RecyclingOne of our trucks delivers a batch of computer monitors to our head office in New Jersey. We have collected the monitors from one of our corporate clients. The company has just upgraded their computer equipment and now wants to dispose of their old computers, monitors and network cables. Newtech Recycling has helped the client by planning a disposal and recycling program that also includes data destruction (the formatting and data wiping of hard drives).

Computer Monitor and TV Disposal Collection for RecyclingOne of our forklift drivers unloads the shipment of monitors from the truck. In this example the computer monitors that are in need of disposal are all cathode ray tube (CRT). The hazardous material contained in these monitors will be disposed of through our patented process and new CRT Heaven machine. This enables us to recover the panel glass and leaded funnel glass separately. This glass will then be sent for processing at a glass recovery facility.

The monitors awaiting disposal are placed carefully by forklift into the sorting area. At this sorting area, the monitors are inspected and organized into categories based on the ability to be reconditioned or monitors that need to be scrapped. If a client chooses to recondition monitors this reconditioned monitor may last several more years- fulfilling what we believe the best form of recycling to be: reuse. Computer monitors that are flagged for disposal are sorted onto open pallets as each computer monitor will need to be dismantled by hand.

Computer Monitor and Television Disposal for Recycling

Computer Monitor and Television Disposal for RecyclingMonitors needing to be disposed of are then taken to the work benches where our team start to disassemble them. The Newtech Recycling team is highly trained to remove the plastic casing, circuit boards, cables and most importantly the monitor tube. The waste plastic, boards and cables are sorted into separate boxes for recycling and the monitor tubes are staged for further processing.

Computer Monitor and Television Disposal for Recycling

Monitor tubes are the most hazardous part of monitor disposal. The tube is made of glass containing lead and other materials. The tube is vacuum sealed and this seal needs to be carefully released during our dismantling process. Newtech holds a patent on a state of the art Negative Pressure CRT Separation Unit and is a leader in monitor destruction with the arrival of our new CTR Heaven unit. This specialized equipment ensures that each monitor is broken down safely into materials that can be recycled.

Recycling of Computer Monitors and Televisions SetsEach tube is manually inspected and all metal housing and residual tape and labels is removed before being placed into the CRT Heaven machine and then the Negative Pressure CRT Separation Unit. During the machine processing the panel glass is separated from the funnel glass. This separation builds a clean stream of raw materials for our glass refinery partners. When the monitors are cut by the CRT Heaven unit and vacuumed free of any residual dust, the glass is then crushed using our Negative Pressure CRT Separation Unit.

CRT Disposal The hydraulically operated Negative Pressure CRT Separation Unit reduces the glass into recyclable particles that fall into a bin. This system enables us to process large quantities of glass at a time and build shipping loads of heavier weight to save on costs. All of the processing takes place in a self contained environment that is controlled by an operator and filtered using a specialized Hepa-Vac System.

Computer Monitor Disposal - Recycled into Glass, Plastic and Metal

At Newtech, we take the recycling of Monitors, CRT’s, and Televisions seriously. Our process is a true differentiator in the marketplace and we are proud of our environmentally sound method for processing this equipment. It is good for you as a client, our environment, and our future.

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