Specialists in Computer, Monitor and all Electronics Waste Disposal and Recycling
Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG120002 & PCP040001
Newtech Recycling Inc provides a full recycling disposal service
Newtech Recycling Computer and Electronics Recycling
Computer & Electronics Disposal Service inc Printer Disposal Monitor Disposal and more
Computer Disposal and Computer RecyclingSafe-secure-stress-free disposal of obsolete Computers, Monitors, & Electronic Equipment. Click ‘more info’ for our Computer disposal and recycling program.
Printer and Photocopier Disposal for RecyclingThe Newtech Printer Recycling Service provides safe disposal of all office printers including the disposal of Photocopiers.
Computer Monitor & TV Disposal for RecyclingNewtech Computer Monitor & TV Disposal Services utilize state of the art equipment to process this material.
Disposal of Electrical Equipment for RecyclingNewtech Recycling provides a full disposal for recycling service on all electronic equipment, machinery, devices and apparatus.
Hard Drive Data WipeNewtech Recycling provides a Secure Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Sterilization service for Computers, Laptops, PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Phones & Portable Hard Drives.
Cell Phone Disposal and Cell Phone RecyclingNewtech Recycling Inc provides a disposal service for Cell Phones and all other Telephone Systems. Click 'more info' to read about our Cell Phone Recycling Program.
Office IT Hardware DisposalNewtech Recycling will collect all unwanted office electronics and Information Technology hardware from your offices and dispose of it securely in full accordance with State and EPA regulations.
If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time – CLICK HERE for more information.
Newtech Recycling only collects e-waste from business locations and does not provide a collection service from residential (home) addresses. If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time:
CLICK HERE for more info.

  Newtech is a Governmentally Licensed Electronics Equipment Recycling Business

Newtech Recycling Inc - Computer Monitor Disposal Process

Environmental License Environmental License
Facility ID # 425409 Permit # CDG120002
Newtech Recycling is a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) permitted facility licensed to recycle computers and electronics.

We are proud to be an approved facility that meets or exceeds all of the requirements set forth in the license. Our facility is monitored through frequent site inspections and operational reviews by NJDEP inspectors.

NJDEP Air PermitNJDEP Air Permit
Permit Activity ID Number: GEN070001
Along with our recycling license, Newtech has applied and received our Air Permit for our patented CRT Seperation Unit. This goes along with our committment to the environment and our goal to insure that we continue to "Recycle The Right Way". All air quality testing results have been superior and been approved.

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Hazardous WasteHazardous Waste
Department of Environmental Protection
Program Interest ID # NJR000066506
Compliance Inspection BCI 150001

E-waste is now classified as hazardous, which means all your electrical equipment needs to be disposed of correctly. Newtech is a fully approved recycling center for e-waste and is regularly inspected by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. All material received at our facility is processed according to Governmental requirements with all downstream markets audited on a regular basis.

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Recycled into Glass, Plastic and Metal

By choosing Newtech Recycling for the disposal of your computers, monitors, screens, television sets and unwanted electronics the environment is a cleaner place. It also means that you have helped save the environment by recycling materials such as glass, plastics and metal.

 Computer Monitor Disposal Recycled Glass Computer Monitor Disposal Recycled Plastic Computer Monitor Disposal Recycled Metal

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