$30 off the price of hard drive shredding

Now is the time to have your old hard drives collected and shredded! Call Newtech today and quote the Offer Code: APRILHDD19 for a $30 discount!

By Newtech Recycling


This month Newtech Recycling has a fantastic special offer! For a limited time only, we are offering a $30 discount off the price of hard drive data destruction.  If your business has old computers, used laptops, retired servers or hard drives waiting to be recycled, now is the perfect opportunity!  Shown below are the two most popular processes of data destruction.  Simply call us today to choose either or both of these utterly data fatal destruction services: 732-564-3110.  Remember to quote offer code: APRILHDD19 for your $30 discount.

Purging digital data by EMP degaussing

A degausser creates a strong electromagnetic pulse (also known as a magnetic field). When any magnetic media, for example: a hard disk drive, floppy disk, magnetic tape, or Zip drive is passed through this magnetic field, the media is completely erased.  Whilst removing data the EMP degausser also renders hard drives and other such media permanently inoperable.  This method of data destruction is one of the fastest and most effective. However, this method of data destruction is so powerful that there can be health risks to individuals using pacemakers.  For this reason, this service is only available within the Newtech secure data destruction facility (call for more information).

Hard drive shredding

Newtech can shred your old hard drives and digital media at our secure facility or we can come to you with our mobile shredding (onsite shredding) service.  Both options are extremely secure.  Choosing to shred at our facility means that you can also have your hard drives wiped with an EMP for added security.  Our ‘chain of custody’ is better than the industry standard. It begins with our ‘start-to-finish’ tracking barcode system.  This system allows us to scan your drives at every process point. As standard we offer hard drive tamper-proof containers, locked GPS tracked trucks, secure CCTV monitored facilities and hard drive data destruction certification that legally proves you’ve disposed of your data correctly.  For support or help call 732-564-3110 (8am to 4pm EST).


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