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Whatever your generation, there’s no second place, there is no second chance!

By Chris Keenan

Before we begin, let me ask you about your age. Were you born somewhere between 1965 and 1976? If so then you belong to what is commonly known as Generation-X. As-in, Generation X-File! If you were born somewhere between 1977 and 1995 then your generation has been aptly named: “the Millennials”. Such a cool title, although some say it’s an entitled generation that have been raised on the philosophy of: “it’s ok to fail, you still win a participation trophy, everyone is a winner on the inside”. After that comes the iGen. As in, mum is an iPhone and dad is an iPad. The i-generation is most famous for living by the mantra: “it’s not a skill issue, it’s a will issue”. So, now you know the names for the last 3 generations, here’s some detail about them.

The biggest issues facing Generation-X were as follows: the Cold War, AIDS, smoking, grinding poverty in Africa and fear of computers building The Terminator and taking over the planet. Or, put more simply, Generation-X was brought up with the possible end of the world, the definite end to free love and a probable end to smoking. Even so, the 80’s gave us big red trouser braces, big money, bigger hair styles and rolled up jacket sleeves! Generation-X aren’t to blame for their fashion mistakes. They inherited nuclear weapons from their grandparents and a parental blame issue from their ‘Baby Boomer’ parents, who were really to blame for everything! That said, the X-Gen did invent the Internet and the flip open mobile phone, although these ideas were based on concepts from their favorite TV show (Star Trek). Generation-X did make real one or two of the Baby Boomer fantasies!

Moving on, the next generation had some equally big issues to face. First, most Millennials were caught up in the Great American Sneaker Wars. This was a conflict fought out between Nike and all the losers that we’ve now forgotten. It resulted in massive amounts of fashion casualties, some being forced to endure huge footwear and low rider jeans that showed the victims branded underwear. Every war has its unsolved mysteries and murder crimes. The Baby Boomers generation asked the poignant question, “who shot JFK”? The X-Gen asked, “who shot JR”? The Millennials asked “who shot Tupac”?

However, all these issues were overshadowed by the two biggest concerns of the Millennial: 1. How many Facebook friends do I have? 2. Will I ever be a TV personality? Put more simply, the Millennial issues could be summed up into just one word and that word is …: ‘Kardashian’!

Millennials are now just yesteryear's Instagram account. The new worker bees on the block are the iGen. Now in their early 20’s, the iGen have their own issues to deal with. Issues of great political importance, issues with enormous social relevance and issues with unprecedented global impact. Issues such as: Wifi connectivity, outdated smart phones and badly staged selfies.

For those of you who think this is just a friendly bit of banter with one generation saying to the other “in my day” or “Facebook is for grannies”, you might want to consider this. A recent report stated that 84 per cent of Millennials admitted that they cannot change a light bulb. Furthermore, a recent study shows that Millennials have an average concentration span of 12 seconds and the equivalent value for iGen is only 8 seconds. To give you a fair comparison, Generation X had a concentration span of 40 minutes (2400 seconds) and their parents told them they were stupid for it!

Before this turns into a rant, where I predict pending doom and gloom, it is important to note that there is one issue that all the generations share and take very seriously. If you’ve guessed what it is then you’re probably from the pre-TV GI-Generation. I’m told that their attention span was an unbelievable 4 hours or more, though, they did suffer from weaker thumbs. The one issue we are all worried about is: RECYCLING! Hold on, before you shout-out GREENIE, you need to know 3 facts:

1. In 2018 microplastics were found in humans for the first time ever. This means that pollution has gotten so bad that we are now eating and drinking it. What’s the problem with having plastic in your body? Plastic is made from petrochemicals that are cancerogenic.

2. We have generated well over 200,000,000 tons of scrapped smartphones, junked IT hardware and other such e-waste in just the last 5 years. Here’s the crazy thing:- that’s the equivalent of more than 2000 fully loaded Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, with a total crew compliment of 12 million people! That’s a lot to recycle!

3. Most of the materials found in IT e-waste are classified as: TOXIC TO HUMAN LIFE!

So, what does this all mean? In summary, we are still all faced with the threat of nuclear annihilation, world famine, deadly viruses and the Terminator, but at the moment, the deadliest problem that mankind as a species is currently fighting (not facing but actually fighting) is a ‘war on waste’. I’m not saying that we all need to become Eco-Warriors or even Eco-Soldiers. This article is not your draft orders, but it is an opportunity to help you recycle your electronics & IT hardware the right way. Call NewTech Recycling today to help you recycle your company’s old IT infrastructure and computers, 732 564 3110. Alternatively, you can visit our website and get an automatic free quote for collection, recycling or resell:


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