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Recycling Computers Laptops Servers & Cables for FREE!

By Chris Keenan

What’s the offer?Newtech Recycling will be recycling all business computers, including laptops, desktops & servers FREE of charge. This same offer will also apply to any cables or wires including any cabling used for IT infrastructure, power, printers and networking equipment.

Why are we doing this? Newtech Recycling operates an ecologically motivated e-waste & ITAD processing facility. The organizations primary role is to help businesses in NJ, PA, NY & CT to recycle their electronic waste and retired IT hardware. All electronics contain deadly toxins that are extremely hazardous to life. By encouraging you with this offer to use Newtech you will be ensuring your e-waste is recycled the right way.


Between 98% to 100% of the materials held in your obsolete IT hardware, research equipment and electronics can be recycled and reintroduced to manufacturing. The process of recycling is less damaging than mining, and just as importantly, recycling is the best way to ensure that deadly pollutants are eradicated from landfill sites.


How to claim this offer: Either use the form below to get an automated quote or call us directly: 732 564 3110 (8am-4pm Eastern).


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For Questions & Quotes Call: 732-564-3110

Servicing: New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania - Connecticut – Tri State – NY Met Area
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