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Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG120002 & PCP040001
Newtech Recycling Inc provides a full recycling disposal service
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Computer & Electronics Disposal Service inc Printer Disposal Monitor Disposal and more
Computer Disposal and Computer RecyclingSafe-secure-stress-free disposal of obsolete Computers, Monitors, & Electronic Equipment. Click ‘more info’ for our Computer disposal and recycling program.
Printer and Photocopier Disposal for RecyclingThe Newtech Printer Recycling Service provides safe disposal of all office printers including the disposal of Photocopiers.
Computer Monitor & TV Disposal for RecyclingNewtech Computer Monitor & TV Disposal Services utilize state of the art equipment to process this material.
Disposal of Electrical Equipment for RecyclingNewtech Recycling provides a full disposal for recycling service on all electronic equipment, machinery, devices and apparatus.
Hard Drive Data WipeNewtech Recycling provides a Secure Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Sterilization service for Computers, Laptops, PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Phones & Portable Hard Drives.
Cell Phone Disposal and Cell Phone RecyclingNewtech Recycling Inc provides a disposal service for Cell Phones and all other Telephone Systems. Click 'more info' to read about our Cell Phone Recycling Program.
Office IT Hardware DisposalNewtech Recycling will collect all unwanted office electronics and Information Technology hardware from your offices and dispose of it securely in full accordance with State and EPA regulations.
If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time – CLICK HERE for more information.
Newtech Recycling only collects e-waste from business locations and does not provide a collection service from residential (home) addresses. If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time:
CLICK HERE for more info.

  Disposal & Recycling Services for Computers Laptops Desktops Mainframes & Servers

Secure Computer Disposal and Recycling

Disposal & Recycling Services for Computers, Laptops, Desktops and ServersDid you know that the unauthorized disposal of computers, laptops, desktops, mainframes, servers and electronic equipment is illegal? Legislation now makes it mandatory to recycle computers, monitors and electronic equipment through approved facilities.

Newtech Recycling is a government licensed Computer Disposal Company. Our primary business is focused on the safe collection and disposal of computers and all other electronic equipment. Newtech Recycling guarantees “NO LANDFILLS” will be used with our “recycle the right way" company policy. Our objective is to dismantle computers and electronic equipment into the component materials used in their construction. Dismantling computers allows Newtech Recycling to recycle the plastics and metals held in those unwanted computers more effectively.

One of the biggest concerns you may have is the secure destruction of computer hard drives and the data held on those hard drives. Newtech Recycling has specialized equipment designed to totally remove any data held on your computer. We also utilize state of the art software designed to remove all data from the hard drive that meets Department of Defense (DOD) specifications. This process enables the re-use of the hard drives. Click here to read more about our Hard Drive Security Services.

Arrange a Pick-Up for the Disposal of PCs, Laptops, Desktops, Mainframes & Servers

Newtech prides itself on its ability to plan and execute logistics properly for the recovery of your electronic equipment. Our planning utilizes either our fleet of trucks, (both at Newtech and our affiliate, Village Office Supply), our hauling partners for large pick-ups that exceed our capacity, or we can team up with FedEx. We can pick-up and dispose of all your unwanted computers and electronic equipment from your location or you can bring them to us. We also have the ability to structure a nationwide pick-up program for any size pick-up. Click here to arrange a pick-up of your unwanted computers and office equipment or contact us with any questions you may have about secure computer disposal.

Movie About The Disposal of Computers Laptops Desktops Notebooks & Servers

PC Server Workstation Computer Disposal for RecyclingWatch as a computer is fully dismantled in just a few minutes by one of the crew at Newtech Recycling. Each component of this old PC is removed for recycling. See how the Hard-Drive is separated and its data wiped clean forever. The processes of secure computer disposal are preformed in this short but fascinating documentary at the Newtech Recycling Facility in New Jersey. Click here to watch how the Newtech Computer Disposal Team will recycle the materials from your old or unwanted PC’s, Servers and Workstations.

Find out about the Disposal of Computers Laptops Desktops Notebooks & Servers

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