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Computer and Electronics Waste Management Licences: CDG120002 & PCP040001
Newtech Recycling Inc provides a full recycling disposal service
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Computer & Electronics Disposal Service inc Printer Disposal Monitor Disposal and more
Computer Disposal and Computer RecyclingSafe-secure-stress-free disposal of obsolete Computers, Monitors, & Electronic Equipment. Click ‘more info’ for our Computer disposal and recycling program.
Printer and Photocopier Disposal for RecyclingThe Newtech Printer Recycling Service provides safe disposal of all office printers including the disposal of Photocopiers.
Computer Monitor & TV Disposal for RecyclingNewtech Computer Monitor & TV Disposal Services utilize state of the art equipment to process this material.
Disposal of Electrical Equipment for RecyclingNewtech Recycling provides a full disposal for recycling service on all electronic equipment, machinery, devices and apparatus.
Hard Drive Data WipeNewtech Recycling provides a Secure Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Sterilization service for Computers, Laptops, PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Phones & Portable Hard Drives.
Cell Phone Disposal and Cell Phone RecyclingNewtech Recycling Inc provides a disposal service for Cell Phones and all other Telephone Systems. Click 'more info' to read about our Cell Phone Recycling Program.
Office IT Hardware DisposalNewtech Recycling will collect all unwanted office electronics and Information Technology hardware from your offices and dispose of it securely in full accordance with State and EPA regulations.
If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time – CLICK HERE for more information.
Newtech Recycling only collects e-waste from business locations and does not provide a collection service from residential (home) addresses. If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time:
CLICK HERE for more info.

  The Newtech Recycling Data Destruction & Data Security Services

Secure Data Destruction for Computers, Servers, Mainframes & Cell Phones

Data Wiped From the Hard Drive of an Old PCTake a look inside the world of Computer Hard Drive Data Destruction with this short yet informative movie clip. Watch as one of the Newtech Recycling data destruction team destroys all the information on a hard drive. This short film shows you just what’s involved with Secure Data Destruction for any Computer that’s been sent to Newtech for disposal. This clip is filmed at the 55,000 square foot Newtech Recycling Disposal Facility in New Jersey. Click here to see the Newtech Drive Data Destruction Team at work on your obsolete, broken or unwanted Computers.

Data Destruction & Data Wiping for Harddrives, Memory, PC's, Workstations, Servers, Phones As the need to recycle and dispose of obsolete computer equipment grows in importance, the issue of data security becomes more prevalent. The matter of what to do about data stored on hard drives is often overlooked. When preparing equipment for recycling you might have deleted files through ordinary means, (e.g. dragging to the trash on Windows or Macintosh) but this data can still be recovered. That is why Newtech Recycling offers a Secure Data destruction and HDD wiping service. This is a key part of our business and should be part of any company's disposal management plan.

Secure Data Disposal for Computers, Servers, LaptopsData Security is by far the most important aspect of Newtech’s business. The Newtech Recycling Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Wiping Service is offered to protect our clients and their interests. Everything we do is designed to protect our clients from potential liabilities and harm that the improper handling of confidential data may cause. We take the issue of your data very seriously and want all our clients to feel confident that their information is being properly handled. Our process can be fully tested to give our clients the comfort needed to build a strong working relationship. Newtech offers two options for the secure erasure of your hard drives. Each method totally wipes the drives of any information.

Data RemovalHard Drive Format
The software that Newtech currently utilizes for this service follows the guidelines set forth by the Department of Defence (DOD). This method is utilized on viable, working units that are suitable for resale or donation. This approved method totally removes data through a series of procedures that does not harm hard drives.

Electro Magnetic Wipe
(Non-Saleable Systems) – This method uses high-powered magnetic fields that will scrub the existing data off the surf ace of the hard drive, leaving it useless. *The most secure method of data erasure (DOD Approved).

Hard Drive ShreddingOne of the advantages of using the Newtech Data Destruction Facilities is the ability to combine all the data destruction and data purging solutions. For example, Newtech can collect your old hardware, remove the HHD’s or data storage media, erase the data using a software instigated purge, destroy the magnetic memory using a high power EMP and ultimately shred and smelt the physical hard drive (magnetic, optical, tape or solid state). Shredding an even occure at the clients location should they require it.

The Newtech Recycling Data Destruction Services covers the complete destruction of all confidential information. The data wiping service includes the follo wing:

Hard Drive Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
Data Storage Device Wiping and Data Destruction Service
Back-up Tape Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
All Magnetic Media Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
Diskettes Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
CD-Roms Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
DVD's Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
External Hard Drive Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
Servers Data Wiping and Data Destruction Service
Mainframe Hard Drive Erasure
Cell Phone Memory Erasure

Arrange a Pick-Up to utilize Newtech Data Destruction Services

Arrange a Pick-Up to utilize Newtech Data Destruction Services for the Secure Data Erasure of hard drives existing in: Computers, Laptop s, Mainframes & Servers

If you want to ask us a question about data destruction and the wiping of data please click here or call Newtech today at: Call Newtech 732 469 9774 (732) 564 3110. - We are here to help.

Privacy Laws

Data formattingNewtech will follow all laws that apply to confidential data and how it should be handled. Clients can also work with Newtech to design a custom Data Destruction Service to meet their specific needs. The following is a breakdown of current laws:

The HIPAA Act of 1996 issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides protection for the privacy of certain individual identifiable health data. Balancing the protection of individual health information with the need to protect public health, the Privacy Rule expressly permits disclosures without individual authorization to public health authorities authorized by law to collect or receive the information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease.

For more information click here: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/HIPAAGenInfo/

The Financial Services Modernization Act requires all financial institutions to disclose to customers their policies and practices for protecting the privacy of non-public personal information. The Act permits financial institutions to share personal customer information with affiliates within the holding company. It is a criminal offense for any person (including firm employees) to obtain or attempt to attain customer information relating to another person from any financial institution.

Click here to learn more about the act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gramm-Leach-Bliley_Act

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