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Computer Disposal and Computer RecyclingSafe-secure-stress-free disposal of obsolete Computers, Monitors, & Electronic Equipment. Click ‘more info’ for our Computer disposal and recycling program.
Printer and Photocopier Disposal for RecyclingThe Newtech Printer Recycling Service provides safe disposal of all office printers including the disposal of Photocopiers.
Computer Monitor & TV Disposal for RecyclingNewtech Computer Monitor & TV Disposal Services utilize state of the art equipment to process this material.
Disposal of Electrical Equipment for RecyclingNewtech Recycling provides a full disposal for recycling service on all electronic equipment, machinery, devices and apparatus.
Hard Drive Data WipeNewtech Recycling provides a Secure Data Destruction and Hard Disk Drive Sterilization service for Computers, Laptops, PC's, Servers, Mainframes, Phones & Portable Hard Drives.
Cell Phone Disposal and Cell Phone RecyclingNewtech Recycling Inc provides a disposal service for Cell Phones and all other Telephone Systems. Click 'more info' to read about our Cell Phone Recycling Program.
Office IT Hardware DisposalNewtech Recycling will collect all unwanted office electronics and Information Technology hardware from your offices and dispose of it securely in full accordance with State and EPA regulations.
If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time – CLICK HERE for more information.
Newtech Recycling only collects e-waste from business locations and does not provide a collection service from residential (home) addresses. If you need to dispose of your households unwanted TV set, Printer, PC, Stereo and so on please do not throw them out with the regular trash as this is illegal and damaging to the environment. Instead please arrange a drop-off time:
CLICK HERE for more info.

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Recycling Technology

By Vicki Hyman - Star-Ledger Staff (Taken from the Star – Ledger)

ONCE IT RULED the classroom, illuminating a generation of schoolchildren. Now the vintage overhead projector, a dinosaur in the age of PowerPoint, lay tangled in a heap of similar castoffs at a Bridgewater recycling plant.

It will die here. But it will not die alone.

Thousands of computers, some no more than two or three years old, fill the warehouse at Newtech Recycling Inc. Shrink-wrapped into enormous bundles and stacked on pallets, they, too, wait for the endgame. Workers at the plant will strip off their plastic casings, snip the wires and cables and rip out their guts.

How the mighty have fallen.

Today the merciless pace of technology transforms cutting-edge computers into virtual Commodore 64s within a few years. It takes a little time, effort and even a few bucks, but those discarded computers and other consumer electronics can – and, New Jersey solid and Hazardous Waste officials say, should – be recycled.

Computer monitors and televisions contain lead, cadmium and mercury – all toxic substances that can seep into the water supply from landfills. According to a 2003 report by the International Association of Electronics Recyclers, more than 100 million CPUs, monitors and printers will become potential scrap each year, which is also bad news for crammed landfills.

Some private recyclers also accept office equipment and other consumer electronics. Newtech Recycling, for example, will take televisions, telephones, VCRs, power tools, cables, toner and ink cartridges, and yes, even the stray turntable or overhead projector.

“Everything that comes in here will become feed stock for other manufacturers,” says company president Jim Entwistle.

Most computer manufacturers also sponsor some sort of takeback program, either free with the purchase of a computer or for a small fee. Some charities also accept computers, including the National Cristina Foundation, which funnels computers to the poor or disabled (http://www.cristina.org/dsf/), and Share the Technology, (http://sharethetechnology.org/ which lets donors search a national database for the needy recipients, often schools, non-profit agencies and the disabled.

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